John L. Meek Construction Co. Inc.


John L. Meek founded his company in 1954 near La Cienega and Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. Originally in the building construction business, soon he ventured into highway and engineering construction, constructing many of the freeway overpasses on the Ventura Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. It was on these freeway projects that John developed an interest for pile driving and foundation work. He took on several small marine construction jobs in the mid-sixties and diversified into Marine and Land Work eventually relocating his operations to the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor area.  

In 1986 John Meek hired Jim Jilk as a foreman piledriver.  It did not take long before John recognized Jim's ability as a manager and leader.  Jim quickly became John's right hand man.  John Meek passed away suddenly in July of 1990.  Jim Jilk continued to run the company for the Meek family under the supervision of John S. Meek, one of John L. Meek's his three sons.  The company continued to maintain the integrity and unequalled traditions the company had established since its founding.


John S. Meek Company, Inc.


In July of 1995 John S. Meek Company, Inc. was formed.   The new company started working on putting in the new foundations for the amusement park at Santa Monica Pier as one of it's first projects.   Under the leadership of John S. Meek and Jim Jilk the company continued to provide the highest quality construction services.

In 1997, Jim's son Jeremiah joined the team at John S. Meek Company.  Two years later, in 1999, another of Jim's sons, Joshua Jilk began working on a crew in the field.   By 2007, both boys were working full time at the company, Jeremiah as Operations Manager and Josh as a Project Manager.   

Throughout the 1990's and 2000's, John S. Meek Company continued to expand and grow in the Southern California market.  The company began pile driving for railroad bridges and shortly thereafter began full service railroad bridge installation.  Since then John S. Meek Company has installed over 50 new railroad bridges for Metrolink, BNSF and UPRR.  

In 2004, John S. Meek Company was awarded one of the first Emergency Geotechnical Contracts for the City of Los Angeles.  Since the initial award, John S. Meek Company has completed dozens of emergency repair projects for the City.  John S. Meek Company is currently contracted with the City thru April of 2024.

Jilk Heavy Construction, Inc.

In 2015, John S. Meek and the three Jilks began planning John Meek's impending retirement and what would happen to the company that the four of them had spent over two decades building.  In 2018, John Meek sold John S. Meek Company, Inc. to Jim, Jeremiah and Joshua Jilk.  John Meek officially retired later that year.

In August of 2019, John S. Meek Company, Inc. officially changed its name to Jilk Heavy Construction, Inc. to reflect the new ownership.  The rebranding of the Company has had little effect on operations.  The Company still continues to provide top tier construction services in Marine, Bridge, Heavy Highway and Geotechnical Construction.  Jilk Heavy Construction continues to grow and expand, while still being a family owned and operated construction firm.